Bridge Street Inn AMENITIES

  • Self check in

  • Type 2 40 amp EV charging station

  • 0.1 miles from the bus stop.  Catch the bus in San Luis Obispo

  • 1.5 miles from the surf break, moonstone, and boardwalk

  • 8.3 miles from Hearst Castle Visitor Center

  • Walking distance to breakfast, lunch, dinner and nightlife 

  • No TV

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

  • Dr. Bronners, Whole Foods and Trader Joes all purpose soap

  • Lounge with a redwood dining table, guitars, and books

  • Bed linens included

  • 2.5 shared bathrooms

  • Fully stocked kitchen

  • No lockout

  • Free parking

  • Travel backpacks and smaller suitcases work best

  • Each room has a mirror

Nightly and

Group rates

Elisabeth Dare is a nomadic analogue film photographer, US park ranger, and visual artist. Her work is created on film ranging from 35mm to instant and medium format photographs. She often uses alternative materials to develop film such as tea, wine and laundry detergent to create organic imperfections in her work.

The Bridge Street Inn film imperfections was created with orange juice.

Check out her work at